Every single Friday right about this time, the city begins to shut down. Busses stop running, shops and restaurants close, the busyness ceases for a time. (Until Saturdays at nightfall). 

In a few hours, families will gather around their table to enjoy a delicious feast all the while filling the air with laughter, blessings, and songs. It’s a sacred time to thank Adonai for His faithfulness and kindness. It’s a time to thank Him for the gift of rest. It’s honestly a weekly holiday. There is such a joy in the atmosphere! Children laughing and playing... families walking together... the smell of food cooking when you pass by homes.

Ahhhh I love how God designed this day for us. It’s so kind of Him. 😭🙌🏼 (I know it can be a challenge.. (s/o to my western civilization friends)... but try and rest your bodies AND your souls. Turn your phones off. Go listen to birds sing and talk to the living God who inclines His ear to hear us. (He loves to hear us). Eat good food with friends. Laugh. Sing. BREATHE. Restttttttt. I dare ya). #sabbath

Hannah Taylor