Admiration is the rarest of pleasures


“Admiration is the rarest of pleasures.

Delight yourself in seeing the infinite admirableness of Jesus. Let His excellencies satisfy you to the uttermost. We are satisfied when we observer His delightfulness.

“Consider the admirable conjunction of diverse Excellencies in Christ. In Jesus Christ (there is) infinite highness and infinite condescension; infinite justice and infinite grace; infinite majesty and transcendent meekness; deepest reverence toward God and equality with God; worthiness of good and the greatest patience under the suffering of evil; a great spirit of obedience and supreme dominion over heaven and earth; absolute sovereignty and perfect resignation; self-sufficiency and an entire trust and reliance on God.”
–Jonathan Edwards :: The Excellency of Christ

[Delight]. see and savor the excellencies of the infinitely admirable person Jesus

[Know Him]. as your closest friend and companion. 
“no one goes to the Grand Canyon to improve their self esteem.” 
God is the great Grand Canyon… but we can trust Him because he loves us. (Galatians 2:20 + Revelation 2:17)

[Receive with worshipful gratitude everything He gives you]
delight in his love for you.
delight in what He’s made. 
He loves us

Hannah Taylor