Delight of Life


The delight of life is found in the small things. The small things can be delighted in when you are at peace with the large things. Like the existence of the Creator. All my tributaries of delight are outflows of this deep One Source.

I am thankful that He exists today.

Imagine having hope in nothing at all. Imagine even further the dreadful state of mind that has grown numb to the AWESOME (And I mean awesome) reality of Him and living in the fleeting pleasures of sin when you could be walking with purpose and abundant life, knowing that you are a child of the One who breathed out the hundreds of billions of galaxies that we can even fathom with our finite minds that were created (not by us) but by this higher being who dwells in the heavens and in the hearts of those who love Him.

O the power that resides in His followers. May we take hold of His truth and walk as aliens and strangers upon the earth… seeking the Country that is to come. (The heavenly one).

Hannah Taylor