Homeward Bound

Day and night, night and day

Let freedom be gained by the burdens we lay

At Your feet, O Lord, we rest our souls

You alone, the Peace-giver, claim such a role

We believe You died, we believe that You live

Behold, the King of glory! Himself does He give

To those who ask, to those who seek

To those who climb mountains to reach their peak

There are struggles we know, there are hardships to come

But soon face to face and it shall be done

To be where I belong, to come Home at last!

To strive for what is ahead and forget what has passed

O to be free! To be free from my flesh!

What thankfulness fills my heart to escape eternal death

My God has saved me, He has not forgotten

His chosen one, His servant, of whom He has pardoned

The guilt and the shame, the lost and the lame

He has come for us all, to give us a name

We are no longer lost, we are gloriously found

By our Shepherd, our Savior, we are Homeward Bound

Hannah Taylor