Plunge the Depths

If I plunge into the depths, must I hold my breath?

Must I hesitate and anxiously ponder my fate?

Can one possibly stand undecided and wait?

“Follow me.” you say simply enough

Release your hands from their worldly cuffs

“I never said I was safe, I never professed to be tame”

Could a tamed man heal the crippled and lame?

Do you think so lowly of Me that you remain on the shore?

Basking in the sun and gazing at a distance, much too frightened to experience what’s more?

The sand will never satisfy you, the fickle tides only leave you dry

The Great Depths are where the adventures truly lie

You cannot be immersed when you long so desperately for ease

For pleasures, for comfort, for long life in the breeze

If only you knew what I have waiting for you out here!

Forsake your umbrellas, your beach towels, and your fear

Let My waves overtake you, let My vastness leave you in awe

There is no turning turning back now, for I have fulfilled the law

You cannot spend your days lying around in the sun and sand

An ocean of the abundant Life is for those who take Messiah’s hand

It will be scary at times and the waves will crash hard

Deceitful sharks lurk nearby and you must be on guard

But life in the sovereign depths is fullness indeed!

Leave the shore of safety, cross the sandbars and follow the King

PoetryHannah Taylor