The Malawi Journals P2

It's 10:54pm over here and I'm so tired that I'm copying and pasting a text I just sent to my family! Today was one of my favorite days I have ever lived! Here is one of the MANY beautiful stories from today:

We walked around a village where no white man has ever ventured before. Wide eyes everywhere. We went out two by two, each with a translator. Duncan was our translator. He is a gentle man with kind eyes and a vulnerable laugh.

It is custom for Malawians to honor any guest that comes to their home, so we would walk up to a hut, say "wawa" (hello!) and the people would walk out of their hut with a wooden bench or their own sleeping mat for us to sit on.

The first hut we went to belonged to a sweet family. The grandmother, Tabitha, her daughter, Katherine, and then Katherine's kids all sat down with us on the ground and we sat on their mat.

I asked our Duncan to ask them if I could share with the family the greatest news in the whole world. News so important that we traveled all the way from America to tell them! They nodded. (Praises for that😜). So I shared the glorious, powerful gospel. They were listening so intently. They said they have never heard anything like this, but they believe the words I shared with them are true and want to be saved. We prayed together and welcomed them to the fam!!!! 😭💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽😭😭💃🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


We went over to the dirt road to find another hut, and we came across this really old, lovely woman (pictured here) And all those kids gathered around us as we sat on this road and shared the gospel with her. She had never heard either....and SHE GAVE HER LIFE TO JESUS TOO.🙌🏽 then Katherine (from the first hut) comes up outta no where and whispers to me and Duncan that she had been suicidal and had been wanting to kill herself and said she was so happy we came to tell her of Jesus.

I'll never forget this day! How unspeakably beautiful is YAHWEH??? To have written today from the foundations of the world...for Katherine, Tabitha, their children and children's children, for Yeli, and many others to belong to Him and we got to carry His news of love and peace to them. Tell me if there is something better and I don't think I could believe it!