To Be a Child Again


I will spend the rest of my adult life remembering to be like a child... 

...curious. simple. innocent. honest. trusting. full of courage and an easy laugh. open heart and wide eyes. eager to love the relative AND misfit. (even the relatives who are misfits😜)

It’s a gift [should we choose to accept] that we can use the skills cultivated while #adulting as we learn to become children again. To be cunning and wise like serpents. discerning. reliable. genuine. patient. filled with solid truth and the only true Life. overflowing in Love.

May we not become calloused as our naivety falls away, as the years pass by and we encounter darkness and the stench of our broken humanity.

We penetrate the darkness with the laughter and reckless trust of a child compelled by love. The wrestle to refuse the embittered life is worthy of a fight. // #tobeachildagain

Hannah Taylor